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01-30-2013, 07:11 AM
Originally Posted by burstorion View Post you want to nerf tact team, the only real defence against getting obliterated by dhcs, even if you have epts cycling, ph cycling, aux2 sif on and tss cycling with a side order of extend shields?

Methinks I sense a heavy dhc user, be it escort, bop, raptor or freakish halfbreed ship
think you need to pvp a whole lot more. most times in premades i dont even use my own tt. im giving it to my sci healer or shut down sci. and tt has a way to long clear. so lets see what it does, disto sheilds, clears tact debuffs, and a minor buff to weps. what people use it for mostly? disto sheilds. should just call it defense team. btw im a tact in a jem ship. and your example is really not true. if im getting hit my sheilds just auto disto anyways with w s a d keys. if anything a simple tss or extends will fix thoes issues. ill also hit rsp. if im being held ill then use my own tt. trust me tt is way op. why do you think its on every class? call for a sci team? well ur m8 will also put a tt on you. again ur sheilds are bricked.