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01-30-2013, 06:13 AM
I feel like more could be done to balance the desire for certain weapon and energy types.

Torpedoes could become more useful for everyone if more types were added.

-In ds9 most fed ships fire yellow torpedoes, call them phased torpedoes with the phaser proc. Put them somewhere in between quantums and photons in firing rate and damage. Have phaser consoles give a slight damage boost.

-During the TNG Klingon civil war the first kill is made by Gowrons ship firing some sort of charged disrupted bolt. It builds up its form in what was normally a torpedo launcher for Klink ships. Call it the disruption torpedo with the disrupter proc. Make it the photon torpedo to the plasma torps quantum torpedo. Fires more but with less damage per shot, doesn't get as big as plasma high yields but it can't be shot down. Overall slow firing rate.

-Tetryon torps are utterly great against shields, but worse than photons against hull hp. Maybe same stats as photons but against shields etc. Same as others with a small dmg bonus from energy consoles. It would be a great cruiser torp no matter the class.

-Polaron torpedo with the Polaron proc. Small bonus from energy consoles, don't know enough about Polaron to wager a dps stat set.

-Antiproton torpedo is another tough one, maybe it could proc a non stackable defense debuff. just making its crits better might work in between photons and quantums. Since the proc is purely damage related traditionally, it would be cool to really make it a gamblers weapon.

In adding all this, the iconic torpedo would become more desirable, effective, and efficient for everyone. Eng consoles for energy resistance could offer slight defenses against the new torps, but at the same time proc rates could get a buff on the torpedoes to counter the exchange for an energy weapon slots pps. Photons and quantums would probably need a damage boost to stay useful as burst weapons, but it could be minor and done in several different ways.

And in general Tetryon advanced fleet turrets need to have an acc mod available like all the other weapons in the fleet store. Antiproton weapons need to be added to the drop pool for all acc procs and other such combinations in missions like the gorn minefield.
The Somraw, K'tinga, D'Kyr, D7, Kumari, Xindi carrier, Xindi escort, and the T'Varo are all older than the Constitution Refit and yet they are tier 5. The Constellation is made up primarily of Connie refit parts and it is tier 5, there is no logical reason whatsoever for the no tier 5/6 connie rule.

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