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01-30-2013, 07:00 AM
Particle Generators: +EWP
Plasma Infusers: +Directed Energy Weapons, +Energy Weapon DoTs, +Projectile DoTs, +EWP
Ambisplasma: +Projectile DoTs (as well as the torp, but that's kinetic - not plasma)
2 pc Harness: +Directed Energy Weapons, +Energy Weapon DoTs
Romulan Science: Not sure, never fleeted for them. They work like Infusers, no?

Could have sworn the 2pc Harness was affecting Torp/Mine damage as well. I mean, it's pretty much what I've been talking about since they mentioned the S7 Rep stuff. The mix of Romulan Plasma with Omega and Hyper on my Fed Engineer and the mix of Omega, Hyper, Plasma Torps/Mines, etc on my KDF Engineer...with both running EWP as well until I moved the Fed to a Chel.

I just never got around to picking up the 0Point on the KDF guy (combination of being burnt out from Rep Grind and just dorking around in Ker'rat with various other mixed torp/mine builds). I haven't changed anything on the Fed in about a month, so I wouldn't have looked...

...just could have sworn it was different.

Still that being said, I'm not sure why it doesn't work this way:

Particle Generators: +Directed Energy Weapon, +Energy Weapon DoTs, +Projectile Weapon DoTs, +EWP
Plasma Infusers: +Directed Energy Weapon, +Energy Weapon DoTs, +Projectile Weapon DoTs
Ambiplasma: +Energy Weapon DoTs, +Projectile Weapon DoTs (as well as the +kinetic for the plasma torps)
2pc Harness: +Directed Energy Weapon, +Energy Weapon DoTs, +Projectile Weapon DoTs, +EWP
Romulan Science: +Directed Energy Weapon, +Energy Weapon DoTs, +Projectile Weapon DoTs, +EWP
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