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Originally Posted by cipher_nemo View Post
Ability > Power

After all, what good would it do to be the master of phaser weapons if you're on a ground mission where you need to bypass security on a phaser-proof door lock or keep an NPC alive while an army of mobs is running at him or her?
Yep... but two things:

1. Being a jack-of-all-trades implies not needing other characters -- a good generalist is capable of soloing most content. So MMORPG designers would only permit jack-of-all-trades characters if they want people soloing their game... and for whatever reason, that's not always the case.

2. Some games tolerate jack-of-all-trades characters. But I can't think of a single MMORPG that offers content that is specifically aimed at rewarding the jack-of-all-trades playing style. There's plenty of "high-end" content for the level-maxing folks that is off-limits to jack-of-all-trades characters. But no game designer ever makes content that only the jack-of-all-trades character can enjoy.

So. Knowing these two things -- that soloing might be tolerated but not encouraged, and that being a jack-of-all-trades usually means never being able to experience the game's high-end content -- should we be able to choose that path in Star Trek Online?

I liked my Master Artisan/Scout/Pistoleer/Merchant/Creature Handler in SWG. I never, ever saw the inside of a single one of SWG's "dungeons" because I made the choice not to hyperspecialize my character in one of the combat professions. On the other hand, I could dip lightly into pretty much every area of content the game had to offer. Depending on what I felt like doing, I could craft high-quality vehicles, buy and sell stuff, harvest resources, defend myself from common enemies, ride pets, play music, shoot pirates in space, or just plain go sight-seeing. Running a jack-of-all-trades character meant I wasn't locked into doing the same thing every night, or forced to maintain a stable of alts.

So I was limited in the depth of the content I could experience in SWG. But had access to a greater breadth of content.

That seemed like fun to me. The question is, would it seem like enough fun to enough other people to design STO to permit or even reward it?