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01-30-2013, 08:25 AM
- Make Photon Torpedos do more damage to shields (2x more than current) and more damage over all

- Make all energy weapons do less damage to hull - to break the all energy weapon hegemony on ship fittings.

- Beam arrays need to drain way less energy than current, and have higher proc chances to make up for reduced hit chance. - Right now, cannons both do more damage than beams and proc more often. FAW and subsystem targeting is the only reason to run arrays at current.

- DEM needs a massive boost to bleed through damage, it should also become a beam weapon only effect. No real use for it besides the doff skill

- In future, there should be more escorts with Bugship-like agility stats.

- 1 new captain ability at level 60 that boosts science or engineer skills for those captains and gives a critD+acc bonus to tactical captains (space)

- you need to fix/nerf the cryo pulsewave

- Mobius temporal destroyer should have +10 Weapons and +10 Aux

- The amount human doffs reduce subsystem disable is too much.

- Tetryon, Polaron should reduce energy recharge rates for afflicted subsystems for 5 seconds per proc

- Omega/MACO/Borg sets are either too strong or sit in complete isolation. If new repulation stores (ie PVP store) becomes availible, focus on making stronger sets that equal those in performance.

- Escorts in general tank too much. Remove APO resistance bonus. Slight modification to defence or provide sci captains with unbreakible holds.

- Did I mention that beam arrays suck?

- Mines and cluster mines (of which a photon cluster mine with the above chances to photon torpedos would be nice) should no longer chain-crit.

- The Lobi Jem'Hadar set should be much better than it currently is (+15 shield resistances, higher regen, actual set bonus doubled to match description of 8.8%) - antiproton sweep to have a greater range, uncloak targets for much longer than current.

- More ensign bridge officer powers, especially for tactical officers - and especially if you insist on putting ensign tactical bridge officer slots on everything.

- Did I mention that beam arrays suck?

- Dual Cannons should have a chance to proc (weapon type effect) of 3 or 4% - There's no reason why these should be made purposefully inferior/pointless beyond (minor) additional DEM damage.

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