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01-30-2013, 07:55 AM
Originally Posted by naz4 View Post
Nothing wrong with hazard emitters. It would have been op if it had the same cool down as team abilities however its 3 times longer factoring in doffs. Based on that alone, the eng team specd right can do 45+k healing vs approx 30k of hazards in same time frame. And no hazards dont debuff everything and isnt the most powerful hull heal.
Fyi, hazzards can be reduced to ~ 30 second cooldown w/doffs. It also come w/a resist boost. So, roughly they repair the same, clear different debuffs, HE has longer global is a HoT but comes w/resists over time. I mainly used ET as a debuff clearer and HP boost is gravy, Aux2sif would be what I'd want for repair/resist w/a short cooldown that can be spread around.