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Nothing wrong with hazard emitters. It would have been op if it had the same cool down as team abilities however its 3 times longer factoring in doffs. Based on that alone, the eng team specd right can do 45+k healing vs approx 30k of hazards in same time frame. And no hazards dont debuff everything and isnt the most powerful hull heal.
HE makes it pretty easy to render Plasma builds irrelevant. Almost everybody's got it - so if somebody is attempting to focus a target with Plasma...well, the shields are reducing any Plasma Energy damage and HE's removing all the DoTs.

It's lolPlasma. Given the Borg being the primary enemy in the game - that's the way things are generally built to render the Borg useless. There should be a way to make Plasma viable, while also bumping up the Borg in a manner that does not flood the forums with tears.
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