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01-30-2013, 08:08 AM
Regarding DEM, I can see where Beam users would like it buffed. But, quite frankly it's fine for cannon builds.

Regarding Beams, I'd like to see what the proc during FaW fixes do before addressing them.

Regarding APO, imo the issue is more w/AP or tech doffs greatly increasing its uptime. I'd rather see this addressed 1st. APO hasn't been touched in a long time, it's only w/the cooldown reductions have people been complaining about its effects.

Regarding Fleet MVAE, Defiant vs Bug. All 3 have 5 tac consoles. MVAE can have increase agility w/saucer sep. Defiant has cloak boost to Alpha. I'd like to have more time before buffing those Fleet ships, especially compared to KDF options. Keep in mind Steam runner has team boosting effect iirc. HEC can dump pets and has LT commander eng etc.