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Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
I could have 4 or 5 ensign tacs and still not run out of useful skills even if I don't double up on any, it's engineers that need more ensign skills, it's either EPtX or ET meaning it's best to run EPtX1 on all cruisers to avoid ET and keep the max number of useful eng skills, a problem science also doesn't share.
Ensign BOFFs:

Tac: 9 abilities. 3 groups for CDs.
Sci: 8 abilities. 7 groups for CDs.
Eng: 5 abilities. 2 groups for CDs (where 4 of the 5 are in the same group).

I hate the layout on the Negh'Var because of this. Because it's not just about the 3 Ensign Eng BOFF's also about what filling those means for the higher ranked slots.

Eng BOFFs definitely need more Ensign level abilities. Even if they were Ensign only level would be great.

edit: Keep in mind the following though...offsetting costs. While Tac and Sci both have more abilities, there are offsetting costs. With Tac, you're looking at weapons mounted and Tac consoles used. With Sci, you're looking at skill build and Sci consoles used. Additional Eng BOFF abilities should have similar offsetting costs.
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