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01-30-2013, 09:14 AM
A lot of bad nerfing ideas in the thread in regards to some key abilities.

If you remove shield distribution from TT, what does it become? Basically a waste of an abilitiy. What becomes of the ships in PvP or PvE without it? Elite STFs in PvE one shot ships constantly, this will turn into even worse problems. PvP there is no amount of shield distributing that will let you survive an alpha strike. Its a fundamental defense ability that needs only a single ensign tac ability and some doffs, a slot with nearly no real offensive utility, much less a way to use 3 on many escorts.

EPtS doesn't seem to get the nerf bat calls, but we know everyone has it, its perhaps more important that TT1, because TT1 without EPtS fails spectacularly fast. Its a keystone ability requiring slots that every ship can use and afford, altering it will require rebalancing the whole game.

I think APO is a little broken, but if you remove the movement element from it we wind up with just polarize hull as tractor escapes? Tractors are already screwy, don't make those the new op.

Beam arrays and BFaW have been a mess for a while, though beam arrays aren't being addressed. Even with an EPtW running and overcapped power you drain into the 60s.. this alone could fix a lot of cruiser problems.

Aceton beam is broken, boarding parties is more likely to hurt yourself more than another player. It probably should be changed into a transporter boarding instead of a shuttle. Why its an engineering ability I still don't get.

Mask energy signature wouldn't be useful even if it was a power usuable out of combat. Photonic officer is terrible. In fact only power drain builds have any viability left in the science field, everything else is just utterly useless.

Tactically I see a lack luster target subsystems, fire at will and beam overload that are meant for cruisers? But only fire at will is a cruiser ability really.

I don't know if the problems are really in over powered abilities or that just so many don't seem to work or make any sense in theory as to their operation. If there were real legitimate alternatives to the abilities people use in every match, maybe they wouldn't be so dominant? Oddly I think things like CRF and CSV, THY and TS are probably some of the most balanced for trade off/utility in the game.
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