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01-30-2013, 08:22 AM
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Not really. APO offers so much benefit in one single BOFF ability alone, with NO downside. Its just nuts and I cant understand it. Can you find me one sci or eng skill in the Lt.cmnd/cmnd section which offers as much benefit with no downside? Exactly! You cant find a single one! And its purely in the tactical departments field. This coupled with high defense due to its correlation to speed which escorts regin supreme in, the best firepower, and the ability to tank as well as cruiser due to TT and other related skills, makes escorts the king of pvp hands down. Why bother with cruisers and sci ships when they can barely compete? This becomes even more evident in duels. APO is practicaly a get-out-jail card.
Most Boff abilities don't have a downside other than opportunity cost.

Extend Shields has a very high benefit w/or w/o doffs.

VM (sans human boff fix recently) has a very high benefit w/doffs.

Again, APO has been this way for a long time. The only recent change has been the ways to reduce it's cooldown, so 1 copy can be at maxed uptime. This means people can chain APO3 w/tech doffs or AP doffs.