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01-30-2013, 09:28 AM
There is a reason that Eve was stable with that much lag in one system and maybe why STO has such problems. First though, for those who don't know, both games are set up very differently in their "instances." STO has multiple instances for each area of the game, so its like they are stacked on top of each other. Eve has one instance for each area of space, and that area changes depending on the load on it. So if STO had this it would be like there would be one instance for ESD that connected to another instance for SOL, but everyone in the game that was in ESD would be able to see each other.

So in the case in Eve with this massive battle, they could have crashed that instance, and as long as no one else tried to enter the area that server was handling, no one would know. No this works for eve because the area in question, a whole solar system, is HUGE compared to anything in STO, so even when you are in an instance, chances are you don't have to render everything because its so far away you can't see it.

Now, like I said, in Eve, they have one mini server dedicated to each area, which is why parts of the game can crash and not affect the whole (unless something really goes wrong). But I don't know how STO is set up. Do they have a server for each instance, or do the servers swap out space with each other depending on how much space each instance is using? Would be kinda interesting if a dev could answer questions like that, if nothing else for tech geeks.
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