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01-30-2013, 09:31 AM
Meh. Bound to character makes sense from "their" point of view: the more characters you play with, the more you have to play to get the stuff you want for those characters. Their goal is to get you to play and that is good math because the other way is once you unlock the item, then there is no incentive to get it again for another character. And how do you get Lobi ... Lockboxes. How to get Lockboxes ... keys. How to get keys ... real money. you could get keys for EC, but how to get EC ... playing the game. Either way, C/PWE is achieving their goal to get the consumer to play the game.

BtA goes against that goal.

I know I posted something everyone knows, so I'm not contributing to the solution. So I'd agree on the compromise on page 3 where items are placed in a structure that allows C/PWE to have both BtC and BtA items.

But then we'd see posts raging about "Why isn't X Bound to Account?! Fix it or I quitz0rz!!"
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