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01-30-2013, 08:41 AM
I would like to see more open-ness in STO for sure. I think one of Cryptics long term goals is to have one single star map, will all sectors in it right? If they could find a way to have single instances for every star system like in EVE that would be cool, but I would understand if that's not possible.

I played EVE for about 3 years. I can imagine how bad the lag would have been with 3000 people. There were times I experienced bad lag in Jita (big trade hub) when there were around 1000 people there. They eventually fixed it so certain star systems, like Jita, had queues but they were still laggy.

I left because EVE had 2 problems I couldn't resolve myself with. One was the skill system, I hate time-based skill learning. I want to get better at flying a ship by flying a ship, not sitting around in space-dock waiting for a timer. Second, I hate jump gates. EVE has open PVP which I have no problem with in theory, but you need an open world with some ability to play hide and seek if you allow that. In EVE everyone has to use jump gates to move from one sector to the next, and you are a sitting duck after you jump. This means 90% of PVP in EVE is gate-camping (and I stand by that - 9/10 times I died it was a gate camp). That's not fun at all. If you had to work to find your prey, by scanning them down with probes, or following ion trails, or scanning for cloaked vessels, it would be cool. But with EVE's limited FTL mechanic, it end up just being a camp-fest.

STO has a more open and reaslistic FTL mechanic, and a better skill system, IMO. It's not perfect, and has room for improvement, but is a more balanced game and more enjoyable to play.