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01-30-2013, 09:46 AM
Originally Posted by tc10b View Post
It will boost your dps, but not by 120%. I wish people would stop saying this... Each one will add a small bit less each time because they are based on your skill tree, the more points you put in, the less you get out although it will still be a boost beyond the 9 points you already had.
It is not less each time you equip a console.

There is no diminishing returns on the tactical console, unlike some other consoles (armor/alloys and field generators come to mind).

Every tactical console gives you a boost on your base amount of the weapon. For instance, each one of my MK XII phaser relays (purple) gives me ~90 DPS. This is on a MK XII phaser DHC.

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Ok so breaking down for an idiot to understand (me) would it really make much difference to have 4 relay consoles instead of two when my weapon skill tree is maxed out?
Yes. Take my example above, I'm getting ~90 DPS on each purple MK XII phaser relay on put on my ship. I can equip 5 tactical consoles. That's about 450 DPS more in total. Now, multiply that amount by how many similar weapons you have. I run an all cannon escort build. Four cannons on my fore weapon slots means 4 x 450 = 1800 more total DPS (and I'm not even counting the boost from my turrets). Include buffs, and the extra DPS is even greater.

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Ahh now we are on to something. People would buy ships from the c-store to have the special consoles If PW gave ships special console slots.
If they gave every ship 3 special console slots and prohibited them from going In to sci/tac/eng slots surly it would make for better game play.
That would make this game too easy for PvE and PvP. It's already easy enough as it is.