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01-30-2013, 08:58 AM
Originally Posted by devorasx View Post
AUx2bat drains all your aux. Downside.

ES can be disabled by shockwaving. I cant exactly shockwave an escort out of an APO. Hell he is freaking IMMUNE to it!

APO has been used to such a long extent and overlooked due to past mechanics, which has over time made APO a superior power. Its about a time for a change in that department.
Fyi, EPTA not only restores aux power, but it unlocks the cap. It no longer shares a cooldown w/Aux2batt. This means a player can pop epta after aux2batt and be at full aux either by popping an aux batt or setting the power to a max aux preset.

Also, I was using aux2batt in the context of reducing APO's cooldown to the point where APO3 slotted becomes 2xAPO3. Not to answer you question regarding high end powers. VM was the Sci example I'd sited. Getting back to the APO cooldown, there was a time players used 2xAPO1 to counter pet TB spam, now it's pseudo 2xAPO3 CRF2 and w/e else in the freed up Lt Commander slot.

Aux2Damp grants immunity to stuns and has a fairly short cooldown, this can be timed w/ES applications if needed.

Also, I later remembered the bug where the APO defense boost is lasting longer than 5 seconds, I agree this needs to be fixed.