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And that means what? Exactly? In reference to the post that you're trying to respond to? Somehow please apply that in some manner that makes sense. It seems like your trying to disagree with the previous poster. I'm not sure why you would be, but it seems like that way. When someone uses the term "opportunity cost" really you have to wonder what it is they wish to point out that might not be blatantly obvious to everyone but themselves.

Here. Let me help out. If you use a CC you might give up a Heal. That's Opp cost. If you use a power that shares a CD with other powers, putting them on that CD, that's an Opp cost as well. For instance if you just used TT you're now open to VM as ET is on CD. Basically if carrying or activating a power precludes the use of different and valuable abilites for some measurable time that's an Opp cost.

Omega does everything you can reasonably ask a tactical power to do, PLUS it boosts defense. There's ZERO opp cost. There is nothing you could be using that would even do HALF of what it does.

The entire GAME is based around Opp costs. Except Omega. It doesn't have one. It doesn't MATTER how long its been like that. It doesn't MATTER if other abilities in the game have a great benefit. It doesn't MATTER if doffs exists. It doesn't change anything about the fact that fundamentally Omega has zero Opp cost.
The post I was replying to mentioned APO doesn't have any downside, while other Boff abilities do. I was stating that most Boff abilities don't have a downside other than opportunity cost of slotting that Boff. From there I went on to explain how the costs of slotting APO have been reduced by cooldown reduction doffs.

I later gave an example of how in the past 2 copies of APO were required b/c of the TB spam from pets. Most people ran 2xAPO1 (some ran APO1 and PH). This meant not BO3 nor HY3. Before that most escorts only ran 1 copy of APO1. Now a player can have full uptime on APO3, CRF2, and BO3 or HY3. Again, this all come from cooldown reduction doffs, not APO itself. If APO was the end all be all, than why weren't people running 3 copies of it?