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01-30-2013, 09:34 AM
Originally Posted by alkelda View Post
The price of the Current Lock Box on the Dilithium Store has been reduced from 200 Dilithium each, to 10 Dilithium each.
They must now be purchased 20 at a time.

While I would like to spend some Tribble-dilithium to buy some Dominion lockboxes on Tribble, and open them there...

The lockboxes do not show up in the dilithium store to buy, at 10 dil each, or 200. Never have. Never seen a lockbox drop on Tribble either.

The drop rates on Holodeck are really low, too. Playing full time since this began, and across all characters, I have had exactly 10 drop that I picked up.

Can't buy the keys on Tribble to open them, either.

So just what does this change do on Tribble?
I see them just fine.. click on the dilithium store icon in your HUD, choose special items and boxes, and tada...
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