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You are betting on the factor that after 3 years only now they would be scared of pissing off the kdf EMO( Alot of tears come from a "proud" faction, wonder if they had to much sensitivity training) party of STO? Cryptic already stated they get no return on investment out of the KDF. I would more see Cryptic rather risk pissing off a few die hard KDF players in trade for a new revenu stream. In any business if part is not profiting you restructure or eliminate that arm of the business. Releasing the romulan faction would shift a new stream into there profits and has the ability to bring in alot of revenue again from twitch buyers. I would rather piss off a few players if its going to make me profit from the majority as well bring in new players who wanted the romulans. It's simple economics. The majority make your profit, not the minority. This has worked rather well as the KDF technology has been bastardized more and more to th fed faction in " cross-faction consoles". Perfect example is the Bio-Neural warhead that the game itself and history showed Starfleet would NEVER authorize it's use. Cryptic blatantly ignored this. Hell alone it violates the Sentients rights laws of the federation.

P.s. yes I am on the tablet so eff off about writing issues.

Perhaps it's time to get slower typing fingers or a new bigger tablet...
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