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01-30-2013, 11:06 AM
Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
making more escorts bug like is an alarmingly bad idea imo.
It's also the only one that is likely to ever happen.

I understand the issue. I understand why people want it, and other ships, nerfed.

I think people are not being realistic in their thinking when they look at an item like the bugship that some players have literally spent (and clearly been encouraged to spend) hundreds of dollars on (and now encouraged to link to multiple lockbox ships (3!!)).

If you really think Crytpic is going to nerf a ship like this, you're just not being honest with the realities of the situation.

Naz put forward an idea that is plausible in the face of lockbox ships, and all they represent investment wise for the player and revenue wise for Cryptic.

We can hate it all we like, but the very likely fact is that the development on things we have seen have been, in my eyes, enabled in a huge way by the very very massive sale of lockbox keys and super doffpack promos.

Cryptic then went on to hedge their bets, and added the Lobi store and large scale dilithium & EC sinks (EC which is effectively buyable through selling keys and fleet modules, etc).

DDIS, I'm not trying to wizz on your parade - your sentiment is easily felt and expressed very widely across the playerbase - but I just think it's ever going to happen and if it did would in fact cost Cryptic money.

It's one thing to spend a ton of cash gambling, it's quite another toi see the top prize go from a BMW M3 to a Kia Sorento.

Originally Posted by broken1981 View Post
think you need to pvp a whole lot more. most times in premades i dont even use my own tt.

I have to agree here, my experience is limited compared to most of the players here but I've been getting a crash course in premade teaming and in an organized team:

  • ST, ET and TT all have their place
  • A good portion of the time you are not even using them on yourself, you are using them on your teammates who have specialized in the other teams that you lack.

This is wildly different from when I was just doing random C&H and Pug Que where most of the time I was pretty much on my own, unless I was lucky enough to have some hardened vet on my team pulling triple weight to make up for the Pugs.

Originally Posted by denizenvi View Post
I disagree, movement debuff immunity is the major benefit. I'd much rather have the other buffs nerfed than lose the signature effect.
I agree, and like any buff it can be removed with SNB.

So it's a matter of timing, SNB to remove something like APO and then hit the target with TBs.

I'd say this thread has a lot of great information, but its like trying to listen to 6 different radio stations all at the same time, on full volume.

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