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01-30-2013, 10:17 AM
*head explodes*

damd allergies...romulans alway set them off *shiffle*

You know, i'd forgotten that little bit where several time Msr. Stahl has made it quite clear Rommy's after KDF done.

Which would definatly make the next season more then just a "season" which would be "OMG! THE most ambitious pile of content yet out of Cryptic."

On the other hand there has been zero hints of there being a Romulan faction at this time.
SO What I am suspecting is it is not a romulan faction but a resurgent Romulan empire under the emperess Sela (with some technology transfer from the "Demons of Air and Darkness" whom we last saw making Sela's aquaintaince.. by rescuing her)

What I actually think may happen is one utterly huge arc of missions in romulan space (some missions I hope that are "No Win, learn how to run you idiot!") award and a block of about 30-40 missions to fill out the KDF experience (more would be better..The recycled FE's that are currently used have to award more XP KDF side to close the gap. Not the best way to do things ya know.

Ahh well. Any who how.. a new ship for us all starting tomorrow. And I do recall something mentioned that it can be used as a skin. I want to wrap it around my fleet k't'tinga... for, as much as I do love the classic D-7/K't'inga hull form, I really would prefer a Battle cruiser thats 1. not so damd massive as the Vorcha and above, utterly agressive and dangerous looking. 3. Packs respectable capabilities and firepower.

In the Trek universe as Starship is a Starship, is a Starship. And any of them can lay waste to a planet. Utility is determined by the ability to lay waste to another starship!

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