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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Do APB2, APD2, and APO1 all have an equal value? Not necessarily on the same ship, but is there an APB2/APD2 + XYZ that has equal value to APO1 + XYZ?

Does APO2 have any value when you can get APO3 for the same slot?

Do APB3, APD3, and APO3 all have an equal value in a similar fashion to APB2/APD2/APO1?

That's where the balancing should be done, no? At least initially, no?

Man, it's like the Beam Array discussions. People always want to compare DHCs on Escorts to Beam Arrays on Cruisers. How about looking at both DHCs and Beam Arrays on Escorts?

Do Beam Arrays + XYZ on an Escort have equal value to DHCs + XYZ on an Escort? Are they balanced there or not?

It's never like that - the discussions are always comparing apples to oranges. It's like that with the ability discussion here. Why not the discussion of does TT1 have equal value to BtE1 given certain circumstances?

Balance things at "Level 1" - balance things at "Level 2" - balance things at "Level 3"... this trying to balance things right off the back at "Level 9000" when things haven't been balanced 1-8999... it's no wonder that there's always going to be issues.
Depends really, the debuffs of APB3/APD3 have the potential to allow for more overall damage from the ff of a team. It's keeping the debuffs up is the issue since TT can clear them. For example, for a well timed phasics build I'd rather have APB for the debuff than APO using a Sci B'rel.

Edit: Also APB1/APD1 are Lt slots, not Lt Com like APO1 is.

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