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Depends really, the debuffs of APB3/APD3 have the potential to allow for more overall damage from the ff of a team. It's keeping the debuffs up is the issue since TT can clear them. For example, for a well timed phasics build I'd rather have APB for the debuff than APO using a Sci B'rel.
Which is where I'm saying that if an equal value exists - then one can say the abilities are better balanced...if one doesn't, then a problem exists.

Thing with APB, though - is all the TT clearing the debuff. Course, if folks aren't running it, aren't DOFFing it, don't have multiple copies, or somebody's not sharing... well, they're just like a NPC waiting to die.

APB for Trans or even Plasma DoTs can definitely be fun. Course, TT clears APB and for the Plasma - spammed HE will remove them.

Originally Posted by p2wsucks View Post
Edit: Also APB1/APD1 are Lt slots, not Lt Com like APO1 is.
I went with APB2/APD2 vs. APO1. But like I pointed out, are the XXX2 versions of Cmdr abilities mostly pointless since it's easy to train them yourself or get somebody else to do it?

Should the 3's be Cmdr, 2's LCdr, and 1's LT for those abilities as well? Because if it's a case they balanced APB3/APD3 against APO2 based on APO3 not being common...they did it wrong.
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