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extends is not broken. second lets compare the up time for aux2sif 3 and omega 3. how many heals are being sent out verse how many times can an omega be hit. i can get resist boosted way more then what omega can do. it it hard to comapire the 2 really. i was going to try to tie up my argument but lost my train of thought. but to try to attack omega as a skill with doffs to lower cd is very stupid. people say what do you lose or gain. same can be said for engys and sci when they roll thier own doff that lower cd to global. each class gained to be honest. a good example is my engy oddy.

epts 1 x2 extends 1 2 rsp 1 et 3 aux2sif 3

how could i have made that possible? so the issue is not mainly with omega is with the doffs that make it possible. really go to your sci's and engy's take off ur cd doffs and look how differnt your spec would be.
Fyi, Idk b/c I haven't tested, but I've heard from more than 1 source ES can be stacked to break the 75% resist cieling.

When I addressed the APO cooldown issue, it was to those who expressed concern regarding APO. It currently is broken in that it's resists have been reported to last longer than the 5 seconds it's supposed to have. My general point is the main issue imo isn't that APO does thing too much, it's that it does them too often now.

Generally regarding cooldown doffs, I meantioned earlier in the thread a couple of things.

1st is an old Dev (heretic) stated the design goal was to have max effect be from 3 purples. I mentioned for some doffs this isn't the case as they seem to reduce timers 2x per Doff.

The second is I don't think cooldown effects should stack more than 1x per Boff cooldown. For example w/a single aux2batt 3tech doff build I can have rsp1 = rsp2, and near perfect uptime on epts3. I could have perfect uptime on DEM, etc. Even repairs such as HE/TSS go from 45 seconds to 31.5 (45*.7) w/just 1 cooldown. Using epta there's no drawback to the aux either.

Also, some are just broken as I mentioned before including KDF Vet shield vamp being effected by tech doffs, and the PSWTorp being overly effected by photonic doffs (I can get this cooldown to 12 seconds ...)