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01-30-2013, 11:07 AM
Originally Posted by p2wsucks View Post
My general point is the main issue imo isn't that APO does thing too much, it's that it does them too often now.
how does it do it too often? in the way that its omega 3 x2? or just cd wise? because ive always ran omega 3 and 1. so my omega was always up the same way it is now. but same could be said about et and sci team. only need 1 of thoes now because of doffs as well. reason you only need 2 apd is because if slotting delta in the mix. and even if you did not have a delta or beta the way the timers work you would still have that omega when ready. you get a full cycle of rapid fire with omega, next cycle you dont have an omega, next cycle you can have that oemga.

i dont know how you guys use omega but i use mine when im trying to get my kill. its not for and defense at all inless i really need to break a tractor and i cant click evasives. again as a wep buff. something that tt should be doing. but tt is for defense. thats why devlora says he sees escourts just drifting with omega up going for kills. and yoiu will notice it alot more when people are running psw with after shock doffs.