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Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
1) The Vesta is not a ship class.
2) The Vesta is a Sci ship first and foremost. Dealing damage is not it's primary function.
3) Cannon-vesta has the option to take APO 1 in the Ltc slot.

1) The Excelsior is not a ship class.
2) Cannon-Excelsior has a 180 degree firing arc. (4x as wide)
3) Burst damage is not the primary, or sole, function of the Excelsior.
4) The Excelsior can take APO 1 in the Ltc Tac slot.
There is nothing in the way to fit escorts with beams. Commenting that escort must use cannons as a reason to justify APO is silly, as there are options to make it easier to fire weapons.
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