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Originally Posted by broken1981 View Post
why are you so stuck on apo? again do you have a grasp on pvp? omega is not what saves me. its the healers
omega boost weps. maybe rework tt and i can use that to buff my weps.
It's because every ship is screwed if it gets immobilized -- everyone not only loses their defense from speed, but is given a negative defense rating. Immobilizing your enemy is one of the biggest damage buffs their is.

If you immobilize a sci ship, the extra damage is compounded by the fact that so many sci abilities are limited to the front arc.

Personally I wouldn't nerf APO though (beyond fixing it so that the defense buff lasts like the tool-tip says. But perhaps engineering and science powers should be buffed to provide similar immunity to mobility debuffs? Both already have abilities which go part-way, and adding something like PH to an escort running two copies of APO is very effective.

The problem is that the sci and engineering equivalents are not quite powerful enough to merit their opportunity cost in most cases.

PH could be buffed to provide general protection from movement debuffs, and that kind of makes sense with the power. That would give science ships an option, but it occupies the same slots with HE, ST, and TSS, all of which would also be valued by a survival-mined sci. Sci ships generally have around 4 slots to devote to those powers, so a buffed PH would still be competing with them.

For cruisers, Aux to Dampeners comes close, and it would also make sense to provide immunity to movement debuffs. It has a quick cooldown, and is chain-able with two copies, but shares it's cooldown both with Aux to Battery and Aux to SIF, giving it a high opportunity cost.