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Originally Posted by mistressbenihime View Post
[list=1][*]when you die you can lose control causing you to fly to your target in a straight line. all this does is set you up for another quick death....
you can not effectively tank because all you do is presenting the forward shield to your target you just cant keep up whit the damage you receive by re-balancing shields, regeneration and abilities. you could be forced to fly though a group of mobs you would normaly have flown around causing you to aggro them and die. if you are set up whit cannons having your target in front is not going to be a problem but if you use beams you cant broadside and being forced to use only half of your DPS gives your opponent twice the amount of time to kill you!
Not saying you're wrong, but have you considered Dual Beam Banks? I've been using Sovvy with:
Front: 3x Antiproton DBBs, 180-degree Quantum Torpedo
Rear: 2x Antiproton Beam, 2x Tric. Mines
Link to spacebar: 2x Tac. Team 1, 2x EP to Shields, Brace for Impact, Dispersal Pattern
DOff.s: 3x Shield Distro. Off., 2x Torpedo Guys

This has served me very well in STFs. PM me for further build details.