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When you hit rear admiral, you need to decide what role you would like to take. The Star Cruiser is a pure tank/healer starship whereas the Assault Cruiser is a tank/healer that slightly leans toward damage dealing. From your original post, it appears you are more interested in a pure tank/healer role. Therefore I will start out with that. If you prefer healing, I would suggest a build along these lines:

Overall your speccs are fine. There are areas where it really isn't worth maxing in, for example the difference between a 6 in starship shield performance and a 9 is +2 power (not really worth it for 7500 skill points), but overall very good. And Driver Coil actually isn't a bad still to have. It provides a significant boost to your warp and impulse turn rate. As a cruiser, turn rate is a bit of a problem at times. For a healing cruiser, you need to primarily focus on two power levels, Auxiliary and Shields. Shield Power boosts your shield regeneration rate and shield resistance to incoming damage. Auxiliary boosts most of your engineering and science abilities. In this case the auxiliary power boosts Auxiliary to Structural Integrity Field III (Hull heal and damage resistance boost), Auxiliary to Inertial Dampers I (Turn rate booster, kinetic damage resist, and crew death resistance), Hazard Emitters I (Hull heal and damage resistance boost), Transfer Shield Strength II (Shield Heal and shield resistance boost), and Polarize Hull (major damage resistance boost and immunity to tractor beams). Using the ability Emergency Power to Auxiliary I will significantly boost the effectiveness of all five of the abilities mentioned above.

The key to this build is the timing of your heals. Emergency Power to shields can have a 100% uptime. The ability remains active for 30 seconds and the global cooldown on the ability is 30 seconds. It should also be possible to use Emergency Power to Auxiliary 60% of the time. Tactical Team and Emergency Power to Shields will be your first line of defense in most group missions. If there is one ability you want to keep up full time it's tactical team (you will have 10 seconds uptime and 12 seconds downtime). The instant shield redistribution is invaluable. I cannot stress it enough, tactical team needs to be activated every time it becomes available. Upon taking minor to moderate shield/hull damage you should use Emergency Power to Shields and Auxiliary to Structure (if the hull has sustained minor damage or if it may in the next 15 seconds). Tactical team will have cycled the shields, thus repairing most, if not all, of the shield damage taken.

If the enemy continues to damage the shields, then use your engineering captain power Rotate Shield Frequency. At times this ability may not be enough (i.e. when tanking a tactical cube). Using Rotate Shield Frequency and Transfer Shield Strength II at the same time (with tactical team) will make your shields almost impervious to damage. Remember that Auxiliary to Structural only has a 15 second cooldown, yet is provides about a 1/5 hull repair and a major energy weapon damage resistance. It is safe to use this ability often. Engineering team III should be reserved for when your hull is around or below 75%. While it only has a 22 second cooldown with the duty officer reduction, it places a 15 second global cooldown on tactical team. Hazard emitters is best used for clearing plasma fires, though it may be used as an effective heal over time.

Your last line of defense is Reverse Shield Polarity paired with polarize hull and brace for impact. This should be used when all of your other heals are on cooldown and you are under heavy fire. Reverse Shield Polarity offers 10 seconds of almost perfect energy damage immunity (3% bleedthrough) and polarize hull covers the bleedthrough. By the time those 10 seconds are up, most of your other heals are off cooldown or very close to it. If your defenses fail, you still have one more card to play, the engineering ability miracle worker. (you may also wish to use evasive maneuvers to retreat) It completely repairs all shields and about 2/5 of your hull. Although rare, when your defenses have failed and you are 25% or lower, this ability can be quite invaluable.

Now you may be questioning your two other engineering captain abilities. EPS Power transfer provided ~30+ power to all subsystems for 30 seconds. Essentially it is an emergency power to everything ability. The ability's usefulness ranges from lessening weapons power drain to healing. And the most valuable thing about the ability is the fact that it can be given to a teammate if they are in range. Your other ability, Nadeon Inversion, makes your ship almost completely immune to energy weapon drain. (When solo, cycling these two abilities will completely solve any weapon power problems you may have from attacking broadside.) One last note, when in Special Task Force missions (endgame missions unlocked at level 44) you may notice that some escorts will draw the fire from NPCs. This is often due to a number of factors (speccing in threat control, dealing the most damage to the enemy, etc.) In this case your role usually shifts from tanking to team healing.

Now for weapons I see you have plasma listed down on the skill planner. If you like those weapons I would suggest working on your romulan reputation system (available at level 50) to obtain the Romulan Singularity Harness Set (stowiki) and the Mk XII Romulan Plasma Beam Arrays. I would also suggest working on the Omega Force Reputation system for the MACO Set (stowiki i)as it is ideal for cruisers and the Universal - Assimilated Module console (stowiki).

For a specific layout, I would suggest

Deflector: M.A.C.O. Graviton Deflector Array Mk XII
Engine: M.A.C.O. Impulse Engines Mk XII
Shield: M.A.C.O. Resilient Shield Array Mk XII (The best shield in the game)

Ideally you want all Mk XII blue or purple quality consoles, but most of them are very expensive on the exchange and the small performance boost usually isn't worth it. I have listed consoles currently cheap on the exchange/easily obtained.
Engineering Consoles:
2x Console - Engineering - Neutronium Alloy Mk XI (obtainable from the last Undine episode in your mission journal "episodes" tab)
1x Console - Engineering - SIF Generator Mk XII(fairly cheap on the exchange)
1x Console - Universal - Assimilated Module (Tier I Omega Force Reputation System)

Science Consoles:
2x Console - Science - Emitter Array Mk XI (usually cheap on the exchange)
1x Console - Zero-Point Energy Conduit (Tier II Romulan Reputation System)

Tactical Consoles
2x Console - Tactical - Plasma Infuser Mk XI

Duty officers (space):
1x Maintenance Engineer (8 second cooldown reduction on Engineering Team III and +10 to Hull Repair for 10 seconds)
2x Damage Control Engineer (35% chance to reduce the cooldown on all Emergency Power to _____ abilities by 30%)
1x Warp Core Engineer (20% chance to boost all power levels by +25 when any Emergency Power to _____ is used)
1x Conn Officer (8 second cooldown reduction on Tactical Team I and +10 to Starship Attack Patterns for 10 seconds) (Note: Not all Conn officers have this power)

Weapons Fore:
3x Romulan Plasma Beam Array Mk XII (Tier V Romulan Reputation System)
1x Romulan Hyper-Plasma Torpedo Launcher (Tier IV Romulan Reputation System)

Weapons Aft:
2x Romulan Plasma Beam Array Mk XII (same as above)
1x Experimental Romulan Plasma Beam Array (No weapons power drain!)(Tier V Romulan Reputation System)
1x Transphasic Mine Launcher Mk XII [CritH] [CritD]x2 (or similar, usually very cheap on the exchange)

Romulan Reputation Passives:
Tier I: Enhanced Personal Shields
Tier II: Enhanced Shield Systems
Tier III: Reactive Shielding
Tier IV: Emergency Secondary Shielding

Omega Reputation System Passives:
Tier I: Omega Weapon Proficiency
Tier II: Hull-Repairing Nanites
Tier III: Regenerative Shield Augmentation
Tier IV: Superior Shield Repair

I sincerely hope this advice helps you. If you want more of a damage dealing role for the assault cruiser I would be happy to write up the speccs for you.

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