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01-30-2013, 11:46 AM
Originally Posted by broken1981 View Post
i think its stupid too but we are stuck cd doffs. aux2bat is the worse doff there is tho. thats every cd on every bo. and if you do it right thats 125 subsystem power in every system but aux. and you can get that aux back very fast
Agreed. But, I think they can be adjusted/scaled better. For example, arguably most P2W consoles are ~ the same value as a single Boff ability w/a long cooldown. Using a Boff ability as a measuring stick how effective should 3 purple Doffs be? Or for the ones you can only equip 1 of how effective should they be relative to Boff powers? Imo, it shouldn't be any better than a single Lt Commander Boff ability, so you'd only get say 2-3 like boff abilities out of 5 purple Doffs. Most of the cooldown boff, tech in particular, have the potential to be much better than that currently.