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01-30-2013, 01:16 PM
Originally Posted by moronwmachinegun View Post
Can you not nerf an Escort's damage with Tractor Beam Repulsors? Pop an aux battery or red matter capacitor just before TBR and watch that escort go ziiiiing. Push him out of his butter zone, and laugh as his alpha strike ping-pings on your shields like pea-sized hail. If he's running APO, you should still be able to tank through his alpha with a tac team and resistance boosts from EPtS and A2S.

What kind of damage numbers are you seeing? My non-fleet Engineer Excelsior can pull ~5k DPS in a HulkSmash setup, with all the buffs tied to an idiot-bar. If I spent the effort to actually space out EPtW, Weapons Battery, and Aux 2 Batt properly, and get better gear I could probably go higher. It's an alt toon I only play with my son, so I don't bother.

Some in my fleet have cruisers that can hit 10k+ DPS. If you're not hitting at least 5k, time to spruce up your build.
Agreed that there are ways around the higher escorts dps in pvp such as the tract beam repulsor push away boosted by red matter cap. However, you're missing the point of my thread. I'm asking how is it that the base damage of an escort is higher than a cruiser when cruisers on the shows have larger beam arrays that do more base damage than the arrays on escorts.