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Originally Posted by knuhteb5 View Post
I'm asking how is it that the base damage of an escort is higher than a cruiser when cruisers on the shows have larger beam arrays that do more base damage than the arrays on escorts.
So by that argument, a cannon should do more damage than a small chunk of C4, because a cannonball is bigger, right? For that matter, a cannonball is bigger than most tank rounds. I guess militaries around the world made a mistake by switching away from cannons, right?

Again, I'm on a cell phone, so I cannot type long replies or do fancy things with quotes. To address your "canon on screen references to cruisers pwn face" statements, the first instance with Nog was referring to the fact that they were going up against a DREADNOUGHT, and the second was a ship TWO CENTURIES old going up against a modern starship. In both cases, they were completely outclassed.

In STO, dreadnoughts are difficult to kill solo, requiring several minutes to destroy. Science vessels are best at killing them, since they have abilities to strip shields, drain power levels, hold them in place, etc. Escorts aren't as effective at killing them without the assistance of a science vessel. As for the BOP vs Galaxy argument, the particular model of BOP shown in Generations is the basic T1 or T2 variant shown in STO. Higher tiers have newer, stronger versions of BOPs.