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01-30-2013, 12:28 PM
Looking at the stats, its funny the Ambassador and Kamarag are tactically more superior than the Galaxy-refit and the Negh'var, and en par with the Vor'cha Refit and the Sovereign.

The Kamarag:

Seeing the aft of the Kamarag, it is a nice transition cruiser between the K'T'inga and the Vor'cha. Though guess they upgraded the design for the 5th Century Nacelles.

But I have to ask the team, if the design was named after Ambassador Kamarag (Klingon Ambassador in the movies), I assume you killed him off before he made it to the mid 24th Century for the High Council to bestow the honor of naming ship class after him?

We going to hear the story of the honorable way he died in combat?

The Ambassador:

As for the looks of the Ambassador, as pointed out, too bad there is no Zhukov variant for the refit. Still, believe the STO Ambassador's nacelles look larger than the actual model.

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