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01-30-2013, 12:32 PM
disappointed these arent fleet level ships, i only hope this means there will be fleet level versions soon. also disappointed the kamerang doesn't have an LTC tac, LTC sci on the kdf faction are beter left to orian ships. the rest of it all looks good though. at least they like the ambassador enough to give it a good station setup, and a competent number of tac stations. it wasn't going to replace the ody as the best healer, so it might as well have decent tactical power for us kirks! since the ambassador has about the same volume as a sovereign, a 7 turn rate is fair. pleasantly surprised the kamarag got a between ktinga and vorcha 10.5 turn too! post the inertia scored for once jeeze!

will the kamarang replace my ktinga? good question. -1 very important flow cap console, -.5 turn, having to give up ether RSP2 or ET3 for something LTC sci. hmm, tough one

the ambassador will be fun to play with, but that second ens tac will go a bit to waist, with 2 AtB i don't need 2 TT, it cant use torps to any effect, BO1 sucks, i guess i could run beams and have BO2 and FAW1 for garbage duty
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