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The problem with your example is that, in the case of the Valiant, given Nog's confirmation, the ship they were fighting had three times the "strength" of a Galaxy-class ship. Whether this means hull strength, weapons strength, or both is up for debate, but the takeaway is that this ship supposedly outclassed the Galaxy by a huge margin.

In your second example, Worf stated that the B'rel Bird-of-Prey the Duras sisters were flying was an outdated starship that was mostly taken out of service because of its defect. The Defiant, on the other hand, was a much more modern starship by comparison.

Conversely, we have an episode with Gul Dukat complaining to Sisko about the Maquis being in possession of one of the most heavily-armed warships in the sector (the Defiant). You could argue that he was lying since Cardassians seem to be prone to that, but I'd argue that if he were going to lie, he'd just say "our superior Cardassian ships can take care of the matter" and hope that they did. Instead, he put aside his pride to protect his people by enlisting Sisko's help.