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Originally Posted by broken1981 View Post
are we talking pugs here or what? i dont need to use omega on my escourt if im immobilized.
i can use my evasives. i have sci healers. i have another escourt to push people off of me. i have tt. i can even burn he or tss and disto my shields. a sci ship can use psw or tbr. or the sci ship can just tank a whole team. ive seen recluses do this many, many times. if your using omega to break holds clearly your doing it very wrong. hit a rapid fire with an omega and look at the buff to dps ur getting. hit tt with rapid fire and see how poor it looks.

to say x2 omegs on every escourt is because of tb pet spam really does not know wtf they are talking about. use of ph? really? thats just death and its not going to help out a team mate. standered lay out of any escourt is x2 omegas and epts with he and tss. is the days of tb pet spam people slotted ph to break tb pets and hope they can get by with ph 1 he 2 or ph 1 tss 2
Now you're arguing against yourself. BEfore you were adamant that escorts have a special need for the mobility-protection that APO gives which other ships don't.

By your logic, escorts don't need to run EPtS, since other ships can and do cover them with extends and TSS in team play.

You're right, the extra damage from APO is nice. But it also protects against the damage that comes from being immobilized.

And you're right that using PH comes with some harsh trade-offs, which is why I pointed that out as the science ability which accomplishes a similar goal (though it increases hull resistance instead of increasing damage as the additional effect.

My point about mentioning PH and Aux to Dampeners wasn't that escorts shouldn't be able to use APO, or that APO should be nerfed (beyond fixing it so that it does what it's supposed to), but that other ship types should have similar options. It doesn't make sense that it's easier to hit cruisers and science ships with negative defense.