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Originally Posted by jellico1 View Post
Cruisers as a whole are severly underpowered in DPS

PVE is a DPS game period

There is no need for a tank , I tank quite well in my Escort and deal 3x as much DPS as a cruiser does. I also heal quite well so much in fact i usually send Heals to cruisers

PvP is a seperate issue with its own problems

In order to compete cruisers in general need a DPS increase there are many ways to do it , Escorts arnt overpowered Cruisers are just underpowered.

With the slow turn rate there is no reason dps from a cruiser should not equal a escort except for escort captions who think they should have a superior firepower when in lore and history and plain common sense they should have MUCH less.

My Engineer flys the Fleet excelsior it has 4 weapon consoles and does really good DPS it is a welcome part of the fleet STF team any time i take it out , The Galaxy Class however is a liability to the team and not wanted on a team because its DPS is so poor it cant be a positive member of the team. 2 weapons consoles along with the worst bridge officer layout seal its fate when in fact it is a much newer better armed ship then 2 Excelsiors were .
STO Devs needs to watch a few episodes of star trek i sopose
This response in a nutshell is the most reasonable response I've seen on here yet and spot on. In PVE, cruisers have been rendered obsolete and in PVP, cruisers have slower turn-rates than escorts, yet they have worse dps. I'm glad even escort captains like yourself recognize this gross inequity and immersion breaker.
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