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01-30-2013, 02:13 PM
Originally Posted by blznfun View Post
I created a channel for the traders in zone chat.

Please join the global channel called BUY-N-SELL in your global channel list. Lets keep a centralized location for all your trading needs for those whole don't use the exchange. It's new, fresh and a lot shorter name... Why waste chat box space on a name? lol

  • Do not troll the channel. No un-needed comments on someone's trade.
  • No general chit-chat. Use for trading only.
  • No "deceptive" or "shady" traders or trades allowed.

More rules to come if the channel gets abused.

Has this channel been closed?. I heard one or two chatters last week and it's virtually silent ever since. I reset my chat settings to make sure there is nothing at my end to no avail. Does anyone else know about a similar or updated "trade" channel