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Originally Posted by broken1981 View Post
i think its stupid too but we are stuck cd doffs. aux2bat is the worse doff there is tho. thats every cd on every bo. and if you do it right thats 125 subsystem power in every system but aux. and you can get that aux back very fast
no were does it make the best escorts better, the best healer boats better or the best sci builds better. ships that are good at using it are basically irreverent toys, fun toys, but irreverent. tech doffs are a non issue

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Clearly everybody thinks of something different when they hear the term "PvP balance." I'll just scattergun it I guess, /ramble on.

Weapon type balance

DHCs are teh awesome, DCs are inferior. Beams don't hurt like we wish they would.

We can talk about firing cycle and drain, but only a portion of the population can follow that conversation. I like what (I think) DDIS proposed for arrays which was lop a second off the pew, keep dps the same, allowing for 1 more second of recharge per firing cycle. Front load it a bit more, as it were. I'm assuming this is too nuanced a change since explaining it in patch notes would require explaining how firing cycles work.
with beam arrays, i envision 4 beams fireing at the same speed they fire with FAW, 4 shots per cycle. this would simply raise their dps, make them better when used with DEM and glider, and make thier damage more noticeable. i cant remember the last time i attacked a lone cruiser with an escort and had any fear of his beam arrays, that is not how it should be. say you have a fed cruiser and you want to make it as heavy a hitter as possible, silly of course, it sucks at this no mater how maxed out you make it. well with that change it would actually suck less, and be closer to the danger level of a KDF cruiser. theres no reason fed cruisers should be helpless at dealing damage wile kdf cruisers are not, thats not balanced. buffed beam arrays would make it more balanced, different but balanced. but of course people think any beam buff will make this cruisers on line, this game would already be kdf cruisers on line if that was the case.

oh, do the same on DBBs

single cannons should be made heavy cannons, like the borg tac cube, gates, and cure assimilated ships have. these are beam array alternatives, and should be considered when a beam array buff is is considered. the assest already exists, this is already an in game weapon, let players use it!

Originally Posted by redricky View Post
DHCs' innate CRTD bonus defies logic. So let's work with that. Give arrays an Acc bonus. Acc overflow and the ability to run more crit modifiers will follow. Also reduce the range penalty to damage for arrays.

Ship type balance

Escorts produce strings of misses due to the defense mechanic

Give arrays an Acc bonus. Make it harder for the escort to get to the level of complete avoidance against a beam boat.

Escorts can use distance defensively in ways other ships can't due to their turn, speed, and inertia combined with the range penalty to damage

Also reduce the range penalty to damage for arrays. There should still be some danger at 9.9 km.

"But won't that buff beamscort pilots?"
Yes, but it won't wipe away the shame of being one.
oh, thats gold. not to mention a beams escort currently is going to be dealing about 10% more damage with beams then a fleet excelsior, with about half the tanking potential.

the DHC should keep the crtD mod wile the DC gets a CrtH mod. and a higher fireing arc. but, even if you could keep DCs in arc well, their damage is so gradual that the enemy is never in any danger of his shields getting pierced in an instent. they can out distribute the damage they receave, so you have to shoot down thier entire shields befor theres any hull exposure. and thats the problem with all non DHC weapons. you could significantly buff every other weapon except DHCs, and DHCs would still be king, theres no comparison to the effect of front loaded damage vs damage over time, no mater how strong the damage over time is.

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Captain type balance

Tacs can bring the spike, Sci can make sure the spike hurts more, and Eng can blunt the spike and fix it. Except only to themselves. Currently the best way deal with Eng captains in PvP is to ignore them.

Make RSF and MW castable on allies. Give both automatic shield redistribution for the first 5 seconds.
this absolutely has to be done for eng to have an equal use as tacs and scis.

Originally Posted by redricky View Post
Faction balance

Is Leadership available KDF side?
nope, just 1 from marrading. the leadership, now that it works, should maybe not stack

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New player/vet balance

Rep gear and passives make it even more difficult for a new player to compete.


New players don't know what they're seeing, much less how to determine what is important.
all new players can do is grind out to full rep befor they can be at a compediitve level. thats all there is too it now. raising the level of entry for pvp is bad.

Originally Posted by redricky View Post
Increase the size of the buff bar UI. Under the options menu have a key listing every buff icon. Include a description of what it looks like when a ship uses it. Instead of "OMG hax" or "I suck, back to PvE" someone could check the key and say "Oh, that was the Vesta console shield. No wonder."

Improved (and corrected) tooltips. How else will the new player know that the ability they are using or considering is improved by a certain console? This. Includes. Doffs.

Use load screens for valuable information. If necessary, poll the community regarding what should be included. +1 vote for PvP bootcamp.

End game gear balance

Combat engines have no place in any end game sets. Just throwing this in there cause it bugs me.
combat engines are garbage, you cant have a good build, and an engine power level that is good for a combat engine. if you do, your defense score is terrable, and you will get shot to death and your build will be fail. combat and hyper need to do differnt things, 1 can inatly turn beter, the other can inatly move faster. all engens have a normal power curve would proboly be good, it would lessen insane escort speed thats so importnet for defensive positioning, thats part of why APO is to good
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