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Originally Posted by reginamala78 View Post
Why the emphasis on dual cannons, just for the DPS? What are you flying now? Currently the only Federation science-oriented ships with dual cannons are the MVAE and the Vesta.

Maybe pick up a Mirror Universe Escort off the Exchange to try escort piloting out before dropping $25? Wait a week or two for the prices to cool off, then you can pick up either the Mirror Advanced Escort (which is more science oriented) or the Mirror Patrol Escort (which is tougher and will be useful if you decide to buy the MVAE).
Thanks for responding. I am using a recon science vessel. I wanted the dual cannons for the DPS and I like how they look in rapid fire. I'm new at this so i don't know very much. I figured a science officer flew a science vessel. I am open to other ideas.
Thanks again