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Originally Posted by reginamala78 View Post
Think so? I see potential just shy of the Fleet Vorcha (minus the 10% bonuses of being 'fleet' of course). Set it up an Aux2Bat + 3 technicians and get the lone cannon skill up half the time. Still have room for EPTS tankiness, plus RSP, plus DEM or high-level Aux2SIF. Then there are the options created by the LtCmdr Science slot. Only real shortcoming compared to the Fleet Vorcha is that you can't put APO on it. Its not OMFG THIS SO BROKEN or anything, but there's potential.
All I see in your post is tank, heal, draw fire, and beams. Typical cruiser- no battle.

At least with all those weapon hardpoints she'll make a good storage locker for my 'spares' in the bank.
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