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01-30-2013, 01:36 PM
I think the Tech doff hate is overblown.

"You can have APO3, CRF2, and HYT3 or BO3." On what? A BoP. Steamrunner. JHAS. Mobius. For most of those you would be down to a single Sci ability to do that, others would be left with only ET as a hull heal. Too much Tac leads to a crunchy ship with Aux2Batt.

"Ships with different Cmdr/LtCmdr slots can suddenly do more." Yeah. But I don't see Excelsiors replacing every cruiser out there. Because it doesn't make that build OP, it makes it viable. The Jem HEC would be as middling as the Armitage, but it's viable with double A2B.

Originally Posted by p2wsucks View Post
Agreed. But, I think they can be adjusted/scaled better. For example, arguably most P2W consoles are ~ the same value as a single Boff ability w/a long cooldown. Using a Boff ability as a measuring stick how effective should 3 purple Doffs be? Or for the ones you can only equip 1 of how effective should they be relative to Boff powers? Imo, it shouldn't be any better than a single Lt Commander Boff ability, so you'd only get say 2-3 like boff abilities out of 5 purple Doffs. Most of the cooldown boff, tech in particular, have the potential to be much better than that currently.
This sounds reasonable, but it's not. You can't compare them straight up.

Let's look at another Doff for a second, the TB drain doff. AFAIK the drain benefits from Flow Capacitors. Are you going to slot those? Do you lose anything else to make it effective?

It's not as simple as "1 or 3 doffs should be as effective as X kind of boff" because that doff may or may not need to be supported further.

Nor is every Boff ability equal. It's been pointed out that nobody is complaining about ST and ET cd doffs in the same way as AP doffs.

Throwing a doff on something like TB which is useful anyway is not the same as doffing for Aux2Batt. Aux2Batt, lest we forget, SUCKS. Nobody used it pre-tech doffs, and nobody would have used it even if it had it been in it's current shared cd family. On its own it wasn't as good as EPTS, and it wouldn't have been as good as Aux2Sif. If you have Tac Team up and you just used Hazards to get free of Warp Plasma then you are out of hull heals.

"You can get around the Aux drain."

That's right, that's how much this ability sucks, you have to compensate for it. Consumables will help every 2 minutes, unless you slot a 4th doff to speed that up. If we're talking BoP and escort then you have 1 device slot left for SFM or deuts. This used to mean you couldn't keep a weapon or engine batt to repair subs, but I guess Leadership has fixed that for at least one faction. For the price of a console slot you could use the Oberth shields/aux one.

There's a real fine line to make Aux2Batt worth it. It involves having exactly one of these two: Cmdr and Lt Eng OR LtC and Lt Eng. These are the only ships that are radically changed in the level of what they can accomplish. Fleet Tor'Kaht? A little too much Tac and not enough Eng, Tac abilities get wasted while Aux2Batt 2 gets used, yuck. Steamrunner? Not enough Eng and too much Tac. Armitage? Not enough Eng. D'Kora? Yes please. Galor? Just right, plus uni options, although it was a mean motor scooter before Tech doffs. Jem HEC? Ooooh yeah.


Tech doff comparisons are not apples to apples. One family of hybrid ships benefits disproportionally from them. You have to take 2 copies of a ****ty power. You are taken down to 2 hull heals, one of which is your cleanse and the other conflicts with TT. You have to compensate for Aux drain.

It's just not as simple as throw 3 AP doffs on and do what you're already doing better, or 3 BFI doffs and keep pressing the same button as before, or even slot DEM instead of something else for nade-light. (Official beer of Tac Cruiser captains.)