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Originally Posted by broken1981 View Post
it does in a sence make an escourt better, 125 to engines, sheilds, lower dps drains. omega 3 ,rapid 2, delta 2,tt2, dpb1

tact set up alone. not to mention he 1 tss 2 at global. i dont need to even list engy lay out because you all know how that goes
for 10 seconds maybe. you need 2 copies to get boosted power all the time, and its pretty rare to see 125 across the board once i started paying attention. sometimes theres next to 0 power buff, but thats still secondary to cooldown reduction.

1 copy doesn't put any tac ability to global ether, your better off doubling up because your an escort with a ton of tac stations already and very few eng slots.

on a healer even with just 1 copy you screw up AtS use pretty badly, and for 10 seconds every 30 seconds you have no more then 30 aux when you use EPtA. also it doesn't put ES at its global like 2 copies would, AtB does not effect ES wile its in its 30 second active period, only that 15 second period. you end up saving about 5 seconds, and thats if you hold off on its use just for ES.

you only get advantages that outweigh disadvantages on awkward tweener ships like the vet ship, that needs every thing it can get to compete with the 10/10 and 11/10 true escorts out there, and on kdf battle cruisers. it does make them mighty dangerous, nearly as dangerous as escorts them selves. but the ones AtB works well on don't have APO, and turn very slowly compared to an escort. they can have DEM 3, lots of plasma but without APO its still difficulty to lay tactically and so incredibly easy to escape from, and good RSP coverage. only ET and HE for hull heals, and any HE and TSS is only going to be strong when your aux batts cool down.
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