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Originally Posted by hroothvitnir View Post
If your talking about the cannon and beam ability cooldown officers I remember looking at how they worked and figuring out 3 purples would have almost but not quite have been equal to running two copies of a tac power.
I was thinking along the same lines as well .
However , I was also wondering if 2 such Doffs + one AtB1 would achieve the same weapons cooldown as if I were running either 3 such Doffs , or AtB x 2 (and no such Doffs) .

a single atb with 3 purple doffs provides a big cooldown bonus
I suspected as much , but I was hoping to "get away" with only two such Boffs + one AtB1 .

few ships out there with the bridge layouts that make sense for it 2 atb builds run everything at the powers global. So in that regard they are not even in the same league. however atb builds are a bit finicky to heal on demand with.
Agreed , but considering that for two copies of AtB to be fully effective you must also slot 3 Technician Doffs .
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