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Originally Posted by wesleycrasher View Post
Yep, though it was constructed 30 years before the galaxy class it is vastly superior to it. It is also on par with the galaxy retrofit, which was outfitted with technology that's 80 years after the Ambassador was constructed. Makes sense to Cryptic, I suppose.

Yeah, you'll see it everywhere for a few days, maybe even a week. Then everyone will move back to their ships that aren't awful.
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Or a Galor if you have one; I don't use mine much any more because I just couldn't stand that it looks like garbage.
Originally Posted by dalnar83 View Post
Ye those Galaxy wings in DS9 that were literaly pushing galors away with their heavy beams were really pathetic in combat...not
First off, I said TNG episodes. The DS9 battles acted as if no ships were using shields, even still, the Galaxys were shown firing one phaser beam at a time, hardly an arsenal. TNG starred a Galaxy class and showed it in battle in various circumstances, and is therefore a better reference than DS9 battles. Further, this would still not mean that the Galaxy outguns Excelsior or Ambassador if they were retrofitted with equal technology. There were plenty of Excelsiors in DS9 battles as well. (Hell look at the retrofitted Excelsior Class Lakota whooping up on the Defiant in "Paradise Lost") My main point being, the Galaxy wasn't meant as a tactical vessel in any way, it was pure exploration. The era that the Excelsior and Ambassador existed was more dangerous. The Galaxy launched in an era where we were fairly peaceful, even with the Klingons, and hadn't seen the Romulans in 50 years. So it's not a stretch, and bottom line, the ships are free, so no sense in complaining if you're not spending money or even much time to acquire them.

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