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Originally Posted by broken1981 View Post
i did get it to work on my fleet defaint, tho my cycles were off by about 6 secs. i did not like that. i did like the sheild regen it gave as well as engine power. like i said its not for me and very hard to pull off. ide hate to meet a person that can do it. i have came across you in an aux2bat build. i did like how you used it. i can not pull it off as well as you did. im not even sure if u still use aux2bat. red is correct tho. in all his statements. but doffs are part of pvp. so less hate on them and more idea on how to tweek powers and talk about how to try to avoided stupid doffs in the future. we got sub nuke doffs for space, placate doffs for ground, sub nuke consumables for ground, ss doffs for space. would be nice if the devs could try to avoid crap such as this for now on.
yep, i agree with everything ricky said. i chose to use 2 copies of it, im simply not able to micro enough to use 1 copy to its potential. 2 is sorta easy mode, just have it cycling along with my EPtS/A on a keybind. but you always have bad aux, its quite the balancing act to put something together that will still have the minimal amount of survivability needed. and thats only on ships with a tactical focus that before was a complete joke. they are now just competitive.
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