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Thanks for responding. I am using a recon science vessel. I wanted the dual cannons for the DPS and I like how they look in rapid fire. I'm new at this so i don't know very much. I figured a science officer flew a science vessel. I am open to other ideas.
Thanks again
They can fly whatever they want. I'm a science captain and I probably spent 80% of my time in an escort, 15% of the time in one of my science vessels, and I've been using my Assault Cruiser for a certain PVE map the other 5% of the time.

However, escorts (and cruisers) play a lot differently from science vessels, and some people don't like, prefer, or have the reaction time to fly escorts. While science vessels tend to do less damage from their weapons and more from their abilities (in general, some builds put more focus on weapons - my long range science vessel retrofit is a shield stripping torpedo boat), escorts tend to focus on abilities to help their weapons do more damage, like rapid fire.

If you think an escort is for you, the Advanced Escort (T5 ship from the shipyard), Mirror Universe Advanced Escort (reward from the Dominion lockbox, can be found on the exchange), and Multi Vector Assault Escort (C-Store) are the most science focused ones, if you think you might miss some of your science abilities.

The Vesta (C-Store) that was mentioned earlier also comes with Aux Dual Cannons and can equip regular dual cannons and dual heavy cannons, and is the only science vessel able to do so. More information it can be found here:
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