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01-30-2013, 02:25 PM
zombie thread!

no you do not need the optional to get the borg bridge officer if you have done accolade reported to gamma orions mission in aviliable tap press j while ingame you should have it if not then sorry to say contact support or restart your character/delete start again.
imo i think it may be with another accolade in one of the missions after reporting to gamma orions the accolades have a similar name for very different things one for blowing up a cube another for running through a machine when i first when into this i had done the missions first before the machine since i didnt know about the borg bridge officer but did get it on another character who had not done those missions yet ran through accolade then got the officer. i simply chose after awhile of thinking (few months lol)to restart the one who had not got it losing all my xii borg anti proton dual heavy and turrets space and KHG ground gear. i never got a response to my support ticket

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