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01-30-2013, 02:31 PM
Originally Posted by jonathanlonehawk View Post
What bugs me more than anything is this:

The Kamarag has:
+ 3.5 turn (or 150% the turn rate)
Can Mount Dual Cannons
A fracking Cloak
+5 weapon power and +5 Engine Power

all at the cost of 4,500 hull (oh noes!), -5 Shield Power, -5 Aux Power

I'd give up that much hull and power JUST for the +3.5 turn rate, let alone the ability to mount cannons and CLOAK!

People should never, ever complain about the feds getting anything, when the what the KDF gets is almost always superior (especially when it comes to cruiser stats)
Well at least it shows people that the Klingons are not mindless space-orcs like some think of them. The honorable engineers of Ty'Gokor seem to always manage to create better spacecraft than the Federation.

Jokes aside, it's how it's suposed to be. The Federation is a peacefull organization and Starfleet starships reflect these priorities. Thus they have better defensive capabilities. On the other side, the Klingon Empire is since forever a dreaded warlike space power that reflects their ships having better firepower.
If you like raw firepower, may I suggest joining the KDF?
Because true Starfleet Captains command Exploration Cruisers!
Thank you Cryptic for finally giving me MY SHIP!!!