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01-30-2013, 03:32 PM
Originally Posted by timelord79 View Post
I think Cryptic should finally admit, that the galaxy isn't up to par and the engineering heaviness is extremely limiting.

What they should do is give the ship it's flagship status back by changing it's stats to being as versatile as the Odyssey without eclipsing it.

In fact, all 3 TNG era hero refit ships should get this treatment.

Make them something special again. As they should be.
Originally Posted by cptvanor View Post
The Galaxy isn't the flagship anymore, the Odyssey is. I mean according to Lore, the Odyssey is what they used for the Enterprise F. So they won't do anything that gives the Galaxy back that status. Buffing it for the sake of how it plays in game is fine. But it will never be considered the flagship again.
True, but the Galaxy's are both VA level ships, not RA, so they should be closer to the Oddy, than the Excelsior/Ambassador.